Woman successfully fools Love Island fans into believing she’s entering Casa Amor

A TikTok user has fooled thousands of people on social media by pretending to be a potential contestant and claiming she was entering Love Island’s Casa Amor villa.

Alex Gray, a presenter and actress was stunned when she noticed her face going viral – with people online eagerly asking when she would be showing up on their TV screens.

But it all turned out to be a prank by an unknown “woman from Bradford”, who had stolen Alex’s photos and videos and created a fake account on TikTok, dubbed @secretloveislandgirl.

In a clip that has since been made private, Alex can be seen hanging out in the sunshine wearing a black bikini, while two other women are seen in the background.

The villa that Alex is hanging out in does look suspiciously as if it could be Casa Amor – with Love Island-type writing on a wall and well-known designs that fit the show’s theme.

Social media users were thrilled by the new arrival, as the video quickly racked up 81,000 views on Twitter, where it was reshared.

But some people were confused by the timing.

“Not the Casa Amor babe sneaking her phone into love island…???,” one person, who shared the video on Twitter, commented.

“Casa Amor? Love island just started…,” wrote one person.

“Why are they already there Casa Amore is in like 4 weeks,” added someone else, who was confused by how quickly the show has sped up in 2021. [sic]

But there’s actually a perfectly reasonable explanation for all of this.

The actress is a Love Island cast member, but not on ITV’s TV show, rather she’s part of the fictional cast on the I’ve Got A Text app.

Launched by ITV and Unrd, a mobile entertainment business, the interactive app game consists of 20 singles each playing a character.

Alex’s role is Jessie, a 24-year-old personal trainer who is looking for love.

After going viral, the actress took to Instagram and TikTok to explain that she is not entering the real villa – but says many people still don’t believe her.

Alex is also upset at the woman who pretended to be her and says she has received unkind comments online.

“She’s going home before she’s even goes on TV,” commented one person.

Another person wrote: “She looks exactly like the 2 other girls already there. I hope they send her home before the camera cuts to her face.” [sic]

“She’s an idiot and going home,” commented someone else.

The gorgeous blonde has even been forced to turn off comments on her posts because people won’t stop messaging her.

“A girl on TikTok has taken footage from an app that I was an actress in, called the got a text app, this is a Love Island experience, fictional drama, it’s like a video game,” she explains in the Instagram video.

“It’s meant to look like the real Love Island so she’s taken footage of me from there and twisted it and tricked people into thinking that I am a new Casa Amor contestant.

“I’m calling her out on this because she’s clout-chasing, which is annoying in itself and also because I’m seeing my face everywhere and no one knows it’s me and people are writing some not very nice comments.”

Alex goes on to say that the situation is “pretty heartbreaking”.

She added: “It doesn’t sit right with me, I’m trying to set the truth straight.

“This random girl from Bradford who is pretending to be me is clout-chasing and she’s not it, she ain’t it.”

Social media users who have since realised what’s happened have offered their support to Alex – with some suggesting she apply for the real show.

“Sorry this happened to you and hope you’re ok. Don’t be sad!,” wrote one person.

“On another note, your so pretty, you should apply to go on love island,” added someone else.

“No sis she ain’t stealing this away from you. Congrats girl, the acting has us all fooled! X,” wrote a third person.